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Welcome to the Inflazo's News Archieve

Months 3-4
3/19/05 - Uhh... Site came up on da web
3/21/05 - More stuff added. More pages added, too
3/22/05 - A little more stuff on CD page
3/31/05 - A new set of TP is rumored to appear. We have 3 shadows on the New TP page.
4/2/05 - The CD has been released. Also the 5 fake TP's names were the first 5 TP's names backwards.
4/3/05 - I was resquested to add the real, full coloured bodies of "the new 3 TP". Don't have an official sketch, but got the assumed look. Note that the assumption may be wrong.
4/7/O5 - Technopets Maze RPG confirmed. Release date is between tommorow and May 1. Have have screen shot up soon.
4/9/05 - Flarie's Japanese name confirmed
Months 4-9
9/15/05 - Emails from the past up. Cartoons soon!
8/31/05 - Email Checkem come on ya'll. More stuff...
8/29/05 - What month is this? Year? Nothing but a new page describing the TP master. Email soon
7/18/05 - No icons for a long while, till dowloads page. Check the Technopets Quest page!
6/30/05 - Icon made. New, patroitic tpemail with Imarse  up
6/9/05   - Icons coming soon. new tpmail.ema!
5/25/05 - AIM ICONS up soon. Email rules up
5/24/05 - usual emails.ema for ya
5/19/05 - oldy electronic messege
5/18/05 - Late week email, along with new TP info.
5/09/05 - New email up soon. A pic of 7 new tp is up. A secret TP spotted in the newest issue of the Japanese Technopets Magzine TECHNOSPOTLIGHT was spotted. Pics up later
4/30/05 - New TPmail.ema "new computer" Tommorow will bring new TP
4/23/05 - The new TP are revealed May 1st. We have a new pic coming up with some more TP
4/20/05 -  Weekly TPmails added
4/13/05 - TP Master email coming
4/10/05 - New Games. News Archieve is up
Months 9-12
12/31/05 - Unfortunatly, Boxing Toon has an error. But our good friend Vealiquince set us up with a Technopets Orange Version Screenie
12/27/05 - Cartoon fer Bovin' day up
12/25/05 - Merry TPmas! Parade prolonged till next year, but new toon defianatly up in the week
12/15/05 - New Game info, new TP info, Christmas Card in a new section: downloads. TPmas Parade up probably after Christmas due to TP Master On Site 2005, somewhere in Canada.
11/24/05 - Tim's Bio up. DVD comin' in store: Ultimate DVD Pack!
11/19/05 - Weekly Picture is up. Coming soon: Store, Cookin' with Imarse, Flarmy Commandos and a TCG page.
11/17/05 - New Email is up
11/15/05 - Belated Helloween Cartoon, along with a new rumour and new splash intro. Lament Canceled. Oh, and forums:
11/6/05 - Halloween up later. Rumored TP added along with TP Orange.
10/3/05 - Store page in construction! Buy the T-shirts, and all the Flarmy Toys! Also, Site Makeover is done!!!
9/29/05 - No email this week, instead Imarse Cartoon!!!
9/17/05 - Site is totally redone.
9/16/05 - Labour Day email up. News archive expanded, and UTP page updated. Also a major update: TOONS! This now includes the emails and soon the Lament. Also, all game stuff is in Games.
9/15/05 - Emails from the past up. Cartoons soon!

You've found a game clue: Its a new TP