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New Technopets are added here. Also rumored ones are added

The new TP are in SKETCHES


Another one???

Holy Crap!

As there are rumours for a Hurricanish Evolution of Twistere and and a relitive of Tentatise(Twentyatise?), a baby Huka just seems to true, unlike the others rumours...

No picture yet rumored TP

Rumored TP-
As of Oct. 29, 3 new TP have been siloetted. The pics are up soon. There is also going to be around 100 new TP, just enough to fill our needs!
New TP with a Japanese name: nezumitoku- Ratipulate? Mousaede?
No name, no picture up yet. Is said to be "a martail artist with big thighs" -FALSE RUMOUR
Newest TP Info: No name, but a wierd compass-relic creature.
DIVERGENT EVOLUTION??? A another rumour is another evolution chain for Catorus, maybe a Bee or Moth?
Koratop'z Korner:
The newest rumour is a baby Hukatop Japanese named Shinkame   .
 Interesting enough, Hukatop's Japanese name is Kajikame which means Fire Top.
News: Shinkame is now Koratop! Koratop has his japanese card in the lastest expansion, NightLight.